1.5 Hours 23000 ₽ 24000 ₽
Ren. 22000 ₽ 23000 ₽
2.5 Hours 20000 ₽ 21000 ₽
Ren. 19000 ₽ 20000 ₽
2.5 Hours 13500 ₽ 12500 ₽
Ren. 12500 ₽ 11500 ₽
3 Hours 15000 ₽
Ren. 14000 ₽
1 Hour 9000 ₽ 10000 ₽
1.5 Hours 11000 ₽ 12000 ₽
1 Hour 9000 ₽ 9000 ₽ 10000 ₽
1.5 Hours 11000 ₽ 11000 ₽ 12000 ₽
15 Min. 4000 ₽ 3500 ₽
15 Min. 3500 ₽ 3500 ₽
3.5 Hours 24000 ₽ 25000 ₽
Ren. 21500 ₽ 22500 ₽
2.5 Hours 30000 ₽
Ren. 29000 ₽
2.5 Hours 17000 ₽
Ren. 16000 ₽
1 Hour 11000 ₽
Ren. 10000 ₽
2 Hours 20000 ₽ 16500 ₽ 16000 ₽
Ren. 19000 ₽ 15500 ₽ 15000 ₽
2 Hours 16500 ₽
Ren. 15500 ₽
2 Hours 9000 ₽
Ren. 8000 ₽
2 Hours 11000 ₽ 11500 ₽ 12500 ₽
Ren. 10000 ₽ 10500 ₽ 11500 ₽
1 Hour 5500 ₽
Ren. 5000 ₽
1.5 Hours 14000 ₽ 15000 ₽
Ren. 13000 ₽ 14000 ₽
3 Hours 19000 ₽ 20000 ₽
Ren. 18000 ₽ 19000 ₽

Erotic massage services in St. Petersburg.

Are you physically and emotionally tired and in need of a complete reboot? Or are you looking for something new that you've never tried before? Erotic massage services are what you need in any of these cases. Erotic massage is not only a pleasure, but also an unconditional benefit for your body, because all our specialists have the necessary professional skills to fully relax the guest. Massage services are suitable for absolutely everyone: men, women, even married couples. In our catalog, we have collected for you unique offers, each of which will help you discover new facets of sensuality and get a powerful boost of energy!

Why is an erotic massage salon your best choice?

A classic massage certainly helps to relax. However, such a massage does not give an emotional reboot. In addition, many people deliberately ignore their sensuality, and it is because of this that many psychological problems arise, which then affect your health.

Everything in our body is interconnected, and the sensory component affects most of the processes in our body. If you need erotic services, St. Petersburg massage is the best solution in order to reveal your sensuality and at the same time heal your tired body. We provide professional massage services. Our girls know perfectly well how to plunge you into the abyss of pleasure and at the same time carry out a healing massage that you will remember for a long time. Choose a service or a girl, sign up for a session and see for yourself!

What massage services can I order?

The services of the massage salon in our catalog are varied, for every taste and budget.

  • So, you can order a soap massage, which will cleanse both body and soul at the same time, and will give a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions.
  • You can also order a four-hand massage. Such services of a massage salon will allow you to get maximum relaxation, use all the sensitive points of your body and immerse you in languid bliss.
  • In addition, the erotic services salon also provides the opportunity to enjoy a preliminary show, which will emotionally prepare you for the subsequent massage and will greatly enhance the sensations of touching masseuses.
  • If you are interested in lingam massage, the services of our salon include the most ancient tantric practices: sign up for a session!

Turning to our erotic massage salon, it is rather difficult to choose services on your own, because there are a great many programs, and they all differ in their peculiarities and nuances. So, especially for you, we have the "Imperial Session" program, which includes absolutely everything you need for complete relaxation, including SPA procedures and gentle massage with the gentle hands of a girl of your choice, who uses all her skill for your pleasure. Read more
What kind of vacation for men in St. Petersburg to choose and why?

Tired of a frantic rhythm and in dire need of rest? Does the bar no longer attract you, and does it bring you only short-term pleasure? Rest for men in St. Petersburg is very diverse and offers many alternatives. What if we tell you that men's vacation in St. Petersburg can combine the elements of a bar, a hookah bar, a spa and a massage parlor...

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Lingam masseuses in St. Petersburg - get an unforgettable pleasure!

Lingam massage is an ancient tantric practice aimed at enhancing reproductive function and solving problems with potency. Contrary to popular belief, professional lingam massage is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The human body is already quite fragile, not to mention the most sensitive parts. An unprofessional lingam massage will...

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Egoist: SPA in St. Petersburg, where you must visit!

SPA services in St. Petersburg are extremely widespread, but not all salons can offer you the full range of services that you really need. Wraps, masks, hot stones - all this, of course, is good, but a man needs full care and female affection, and for this you need to contact a special salon. Egoist SPA SPb is a salon in which all your dreams w...

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Massage for two as a gift on the anniversary

Any relationship needs an emotional update from time to time. Getting used to a partner, we lose a certain piquancy that was characteristic of the first weeks and months of living together. For couples who have children and a long history of relationships, this advice will not be superfluous. The ideal way to renew a relationship is to order a ...

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Erotic massage at the Commandant's - get the most!

Do you want feminine warmth, affection and attention? Tired and in need of a hard reboot? You don't have the strength to endure this dullness, and you want bright colors? You need a good erotic massage parlor! If you want to get a truly high-quality erotic massage, the Commandant St. Petersburg will be represented by one of the salons of the Eg...

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Massage parlors 24 hours in St. Petersburg: where are they located and how to get there?

The rhythm of modern life sometimes leaves us no choice. Time remains for itself only in the deep evening or at night. How can one rest in such conditions somewhere, except for a comfortable sofa or a round-the-clock bar, where at least partially you can relieve stress? Massage parlors 24 give the answer to this question, because they work arou...

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