Jobs massage therapists in salons of erotic massage

We offer:
  1. Work in one of the most prestigious massage parlors in St. Petersburg.
  2. Very large and constant income!
  3. Individual schedule of your choice Individual free advertising based on your wishes.
  4. A huge base of regular customers We are more than 10 years in the market, we can rely on!
  5. If you are from another city, we will be happy to pay all expenses for the journey.
If you are interested in our vacancy, call: 8 (981) 890-64-08 or fill out the feedback form Available now.

Phone number
+7 (812) 317-69-53

Nevsky Prospect, 53 (Mayakovskaya metro, Vladimirskaya metro)

+7 (812) 425-35-86

Bolshoy pr. P.S., 18 (metro Sportivnaya)

+7 (812) 425-35-82

Potemkinskaya Str, 7 (metro Chernyshevskaya)

Egoist VIP
+7 (812) 603-42-81

Tulskaya Str, 7 (metro Chernyshevskaya and Ploshad Vosstaniya)

Egoist Komendantskiy
+7 (812) 425-34-11

Komendantskiy prospekt 51, korpus 1 ( Komendantskiy prospekt)

EGOIST VIP Ispolkomskaya
+7 (812) 425-37-69

Ispolkomskaya st. 9/11 (metro ploshad aleksandra nevskogo)

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Lingam massage is an ancient tantric practice aimed at enhancing reproductive function and solving problems with potency. Contrary to popular belief, professional lingam massage is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The human body is already quite fragile, not to mention the most sensitive parts. An unprofessional lingam massage will...

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Relaxing erotic massage in St. Petersburg (relaxation massage)

Modern life is about constant stress. Lack of proper rest and emotional release leads to depression and other disorders of nervous system. Erotic relaxing massage may be the simplest and most affordable way to forget about your problems and reduce the effects of stress on your body. We offer you the services performed by our attractive and exp...

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Erotic massage for two

The relationship between two people will decline without mutual passion, and no matter how much they loved each other in the past and have been respected until now. If you feel that your sex life has changed, and you feel some alienation to your close person, you need to act urgently, until the situation worsened and led to a rupture. Erotic ma...

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The best erotic massage parlor: does it exist, and how to determine it?

We are all different, therefore, the requirements for each salon will be personal. Someone is interested in proximity to the place of work or home, for someone the interior and atmosphere play a role, for someone it is important that girls meet strict requirements for external and professional data. In rare salons, all these requirements are me...

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